Hi, I'm Chris. This isn't so much a personal blog as it's an excuse to tell you about neat bits of science I've happened across. I'm aiming to improve and showcase my writing through the time-honoured approach of just doing something a whole heck of a lot until it's not particularly terrible. Fingers firmly crossed.

Rosin Cerate is a blog mostly about living things. My background is in pharmacology, occupational health, and environmental microbiology, so I tend to gravitate towards these areas of science. I also like making lists, surveys, and maps.

Correspondence should be directed to rosincerate@gmail.com. Hit me up with some random science questions. If I messed something up, and you have it in you to not be a complete jerk about it, please let me know.

Rules of the blog:
(1) Weirder tends to be better
(2) Rehashing Wikipedia articles, while very tempting, is uncool
(3) Cite freely available scientific publications whenever possible

Before I came along, Rosin Cerate was an ointment-like medicine consisting of lard (from pigs), resin (from pine trees), and wax (from bees). It used to be a popular means of treating burns and blisters. I just thought it sounded cool.

A bit more about me: I have a PhD from McMaster University, obtained by studying the thin layer of goo covering the world's oceans and lakes (it's known as the surface microlayer, and is totally rad). I currently reside in Hamilton, a slightly worn-out yet nevertheless charming city in Canada.

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter. I also have a tiny personal website.